Who We Are

South Africa’s most influential business network, EO South Africa is run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

EO South Africa is currently made up of 3 chapters. These chapters are situated in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

Johannesburg is the oldest operating chapter which was founded in 2005, followed by Cape Town in 2011 and Durban in 2015.

There is a combined South African EO Network of over 250 members allowing great opportunity for collaboration and networking bringing great value to our members.

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In the hustle and bustle of heaving Joburg you’ll find South Africa’s oldest EO Chapter comprising members from a huge cross-section of industries. From Soweto to Sandton, from sprawling manufacturing plants to glinting glass skyscrapers, Joburg’s membership’s growing through diversity and the Chapter’s thriving. Its members get each other, they stand together and they support one another emphatically. Focused on hosting world-class learning and networking events, the Chapter’s aim is to inspire and create long-term memories for its members.

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Cape Town

Where creativity meets beauty, EO Cape Town embraces its surrounds by hosting learning and social events at locations that inspire. From beach facing villas to rustic lodges atop Table Mountain, the Chapter aims to deliver opportunities for members to connect in the most exciting ways possible. A sociable bunch, you’re never hard pressed to find a fellow cyclist or adventure enthusiast, and as for members supporting members, these guys give new meaning to the word cheerleader!

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Just like a good Durban Curry, EO Durban takes no punches when it comes to delivering the ‘wow’ factor for its members. Their events are inspired, thought provoking and meaningful, so don’t let the chilled vibe of these members fool you. They are passionate about learning, growing and thriving, and strongly believe that their network is equal to their net worth! A tribe that truly has each other’s backs, you’re part of a family that’s committed to helping you reach your full potential.

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Life as an entrepreneur is a tough experience that few rarely share. I used to shy away from the advice of others but now I leverage on diverse perspectives from fellow EO members and their friends and learn new ways of doing things personal & business. I really learn as much as possible from those who are more experienced in the business ecosystem.

Godfrey Sono
EO Johannesburg